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Thread: paymate and paypal all the same??

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    Default paymate and paypal all the same??

    Hi , first..... "I tips me hat to ya" - they are dogs & im behind paypalsucks 100%!!!!
    BUT I was reading your critique on paymate , I thought as im in Australia; i'll check them out.....when I go to their home page....... I see's the SAME GUY in their ad on their home page...... as paypal have been using in one of their ad's!!!!
    And that's a fact!!! Ive NEVER been on paymate site in my life.....but I regretfully must use the dogs at paypal {good name....we once had a brand of dog food here called..... PAL , very apt} anyway....I remember the paypal ad Extremely well , as the guy & girl but especially the guy in the ad looks like he's sitting on a block of ice{uncomfortable} ....& I had a laugh at it.................then the SAME GUY , sans the girl , is in paymates home page ad.......a coincidence??? bloody hell.....what are the odd's to that????? Can you tell me what you think please?
    I was going to join paymate B.U.T. it looks VERY SUSS to me after that!!

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    I think it sounds fishy as hell. I would go a totally different direction even if it was just a coincidence.

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    Default Paypal / Paymate

    The rules/procedures/requirements of these two companies are the same. I have to my regret tried to use both.

    They BOTH told me that I am a high risk because I am a LICENSED SECONDHAND DEALER. However all the people who buy and sell without a license are ok.

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    Why don't you do a quick google search and let us know, I'm really in the market for a new online payment method, so tired of Paypal's Bull...

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    It probably isn't a coincidence, but Paymate might have purchased the same stock image that Paypal has used to confuse users into thinking it was the same thing. I couldn't find anywhere that it was owned by Paypal. I haven't used Paymate, but who knows? Maybe it is a conspiracy.

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    Haven't used Paymate, and hopefully won't ever have the need to do so, but if what you are saying is true, it's an amazing strategy for PayPal. They are holding the most of the market, but there are people like us who don't like them (for obvious reasons), so they opened up a "PayPal alternative", which is same as PayPal.

    But people who want to boycott or protest against PayPal might use Paymate and think that they showed PayPal, but in reality they are still paying the fees to the same guy. A decent business move by PayPal, if I might notice.
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