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Thread: Paypal goes after people who aren't even their customers

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    sussie Guest

    Default Paypal goes after people who aren't even their customers

    Not a big issue, but I was sent a bill from a money collecting organization telling me that I owed to pay pal on a premium account (which I had never had.) I phoned up pay pal and they said I had no money owing. I phoned the people who had sent the letter and they said they had received instruction from pay pal that this money debt was outstanding.
    I requested pay pal to send me an E mail confirming our conversation, I was told that pay pal were unable to send E mails. I repeatedly phoned, wrote to, and E mailed both organizations but never had any kind off an answer from either of them.
    I guess it was a mistake but I think they have a complete disregard for their customers.

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    Lizzy Guest


    and the way their treat their customers is just disgusting
    after finding suspicious email link to my account i contacted Paypal to investigate. Apparently money has been paid by the person into my account. No notification has been received and neither is any money paid into my account registered. After back and forth i was ask to call which i did but could not reach paypal on its number. I received an email from paypal that they are closing my account. No request was made to do so and neither did they solve or answer to the discrepancies. How many other unsuspected paypal users are being fraud out of hidden undetected criminal actions?

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    Default Paypal goes after people who are not even customers

    In 20211 I ordered two books from Electric Angel.Paypal took $200 dollars off of my debit card,didn't send the product,then said I wasn't eligible for a paypal acct.They actually sent a letter in the mail.I contacted Card services of my bank,called payPal,e-mailed the company that I ordered from,and the company said that they never heard of us.I launched a 180 investigation.Still nothing.Should I contact Card Services of my bank?I no longer have that bank acct.


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