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Thread: ''You are responsible for our lack of security'' PayPal 2013

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    Talking ''You are responsible for our lack of security'' PayPal 2013

    Hey everyone, as it goes with this forum, I'm here with a bit of a 'horror story'. I literally just discovered this forum and read some stuff so I hope that I will resolve the issue properly.

    I had some game accounts to sell so I put them on craigslist as they would be taken off eBay straight away. Couple people got to me and all seemed to be interested but none really bought it. Then there was guy that offered me the price I was looking for and everything. So I got with him from e-mail to skype (just text chat) to finalize the deal. As a very inexperienced PayPal user I believed their advertisement of safe internet money transfer. Oh boy, was I in for a ride....
    Guy was from america so only nighttime was a time to deal with him. Money arrived on my paypal account from japanese account and provided enough evidence to make me think that he is a genuine owner of the account. I was happy and 150 felt good. He asked if I'm by any chance selling some stuff in-game and I said that I did, he offered me some more money for stuff in-game, from same account. Couple days later, he asked for more stuff, I said sure, but the money went from different account, I didn't accept as I said it's not his account. He explained situation that it's stuff for group of friends and they all chipped in from different account and provided another evidence for that account. This went on for a month or so and I made a hefty amount of money. Now, payment reversals started. I had no idea what happened but all of a sudden -150 on account. I asked what happened and he said not to worry about and send me more money. This repeated one more time and that got me fed up and asked him what happened. He said that he hacked those accounts. Then he went on and said me how much he can send at once, how many accounts he has and that the biggest one time transfer was over $2600. He said I shouldn't be worried and sent me money to bring my PayPal to 0 so I can close it. You know what happened now.... 2 months later, today received my last PayPal call with words ''you're being passed on to outside collection agency'', he thanked me for a call and I hung up quite happy since they were calling me every day, multiple times a day with same dumbass story. So what this means now? I'm down 1300 in cash in their account. They didn't care that the negative balance was created on a CLOSED account that I had no access to the disputes and they didn't care about the HACKED accounts either. Needless to say that I'm looking forward with dealing with the agency as I owe nothing and that PayPal is down 1300 due to a security hole.

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    In the US we have the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act that gives the consumer rights and protection from the harassment from collection agencies. You should look to see if the UK has something similar. Here the debt connection agency will have to prove that you own the debt if you request it. And also see if your ombudsman can help you [url=]Financial Ombudsman Service[/url]

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    Thanks for that.

    More to the story.

    I've been outside of the UK for a month and I will be outside of the UK for another 1-2 months so I didn't use my UK phone number until now when I got another phone. I found a text from ''akinika'' which is a debt collection agency formerly known as iQor. I called them up, explained my situation and the lady told me that ''I took a risk at it and you can't blame PayPal for the hacked accounts used to pay you''. Again, I told them that ofcourse I can blame them for lack of security, they are handling real money people use to live off. I went on to say her what I said to PayPal, I'm not paying you 1300 pounds for lack of security AND crappy customer support. She said they will take legal actions to which I said, go ahead and hung up. Called Financial ombutsman and got together a complain form with a lady (5 min conversation) and got reference number. Now, 8 weeks for them to get back to me and I'll see what I can do. I mean, I genuinely wanted to co-operate with them on linking them with a person that's been hacking accounts for 5 years already, but as I experienced such a lack of interest just because I didn't use seller protection it made me want to screw them over a bit more.

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    I feel bad for your situation there with PayPal. They're idiots. They don't care about their customers or their circumstances. All they want is the money they think is theirs. When I see stories like this, I'm glad I got rid of my PayPal account. I agree with you wholeheartedly that you don't owe PayPal anything. It's their problem that they got hacked, not yours. It just shows that their security isn't all that great! Good luck to you. I hope it all works out.

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    I am in the usa but dealing with very identical situation (minus the gaming relation)

    they tried to tell me the same thing but i just replied that there is no way a jury is going to see it as my fault


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