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Thread: PayPal froze my account, then closed it and is keeping $15,180 for 6 months

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    Default PayPal froze my account, then closed it and is keeping $15,180 for 6 months

    Please sign my petition against paypal.


    They made me and my mother jump through hoop after hoop and after a week or more of banter they finally decided to keep my money and close my account.

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    I hope you get back your money, that is a huge deal.

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    Wow, that sucks. Sorry to hear that happened to you, man.

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    Why didn't you give u any details?

    There is no way that PayPal can just take $15000 without reason. That would be a criminal offense. You are obviously leaving something out of this story.

    Were you doing anything illegal? If not you can sue PayPal for your money.
    It's just business!

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    Where is the petition? I can't find it. Also, do you have any solid evidence that your money has been stolen?

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    That's awful!!!! They did the same stuff to me a year ago. I took a transaction on eBay that they felt was fraud (not on my behalf) and still held the funds and kept the money and I never say my products again. When I called everyone was incredibly rude and not helpful at all. They are kooks!


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