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Thread: How paypal steals from all of us

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    Darling Guest

    Default How paypal steals from all of us

    If you go to a site that uses PayPal for payments, and you use a credit card, PayPal take the payment for item bought which is fine, however, they also take £1 which they say is to check the card is live and will return the £1 within the month.
    1) They must be making millions in interest on all the £1's they hold
    2) They don't return the £1. I have had to battle with them to get it back. Its only £1, but its the principle.
    I do avoid PayPal at any cost.

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    Mandy Guest


    what about the fact they hold our money for 180 days without our consent and make interest on our money while we don't have access to it.
    Take all the accounts that have been given the 180 day money hold from Paypal, now take all that money from those accounts and picture Paypal making short term investments with our money to generate more revenue for themselves. And somehow this is perfectly legal.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default we are supposed to expect them to steal from us

    Client failed to pay Customs Import Duties in Russia leaving us the return shipping bill along with the outgoing cost. Although Ebay supported us and even gave us a reference number to give PayPal they refunded the money in full so we lost £123 (the sell price of the item) and another £148 shipping (both ways) and £42 that the shippers also charged us for storage. Grand Total loss £313 (our profit on the sale had it gone through would have been about £30. I thought when you sell an item you were supposed to make a profit, an expensive lesson.
    PayPal's response was and I state "every business expects to get losses from time to time" - i thought I was their client and certainly took great exception at being told this by a 20 nothing in-experienced manager who I believe should not being thinking this yet alone saying it (I have been in the business for more than 30 years successfully).

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Thives

    Paypal has stolen refunds by companies by putting refunds on so called temporary hold which they seem to conveniently forget. They show completed even though I haven't got my refunds from the companies that issued them. Also another issue they withdraw more from my account than I authorize it seems which causes a debit in my bank account and an nsf which I have to cover!

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    kieran Guest

    Default paypal just took money out of my bank account!!!!!

    i received my bank statement and paypal had taken£1254.68 out of my account! I don't know where this money has gone. please help, i am really really scared. please help! one transaction took out £525 out of my account. i swear if my money doesn't come back into my account i will get a heart attack, because i am so scared because i had borrowed the money from a friend to pay my mortgage. i knew paypal was a bad idea from the start.

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    web Guest


    i keep recieving msgs stating that i have made payments through my paypal account, firstly i do not have a paypal account and secondly i never have made a payment using a paypal account. is this some kind of scam from paypal to try and take money from me? Please advice as this is very annoying to me.

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    Unregistered Guest


    i was sent a refund but never got it so ive spent 20.00 on calls to them at 1.76 per minute and still no refund wot a rip off

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    Harry123 Guest


    ebay & paypal are thief and working illegally.
    they have no independent complaint procedure 'especially in the UK'.
    They work against trading standard law.
    No one can touch them legally because they are big fish.
    I took them in court but judge said paypal is right because you signed their standard agreement even it was unfair agreement.

    I hate it


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