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Thread: Smartass phone reps don't give a crap!

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    casandra Guest

    Default Smartass phone reps don't give a crap!

    PayPal is ABSOLUTELY the worst company in the world with which to do business. Smartasses on the phone who have NEVER been taught manners and/or good customer service. According to Dennis, PP rep, they don't have account NOTES of my
    lengthy conversation with Liam, PP, and Bryan, Ebay last week which took approximately ONE hour. PP ask me to verify my bank account and when I ask for a refund WHICH HAD JUST BEEN PUT IN MY PP ACCOUNT...they sent it BACK to the seller.

    Smug Dennis then passed me off to smug, alleged supervisor, Tony, who was worse, if possible than Dennis! I will NOT do business with PP ever again!!! Credit card companies are more customer friendly!

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    M. Marshan Guest


    Paypal have inundated me with bogus "helpful" fyi emails, all directed at getting me to divulge banking information or signing up for their credit card, and then after getting approved for their card, switching my profile information to benefit themselves and ultimately denying any ulterior motives or actions. Paypal insist on always having it "their way" regardless of customer wishes. They aren't the "most loved way of paying" around here anymore---> exactly the OPPOSITE!

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    chrissy Guest


    Had an account with Paypal for 13 years, the very first time I SOLD an item on Ebay and received payments, My account was CLOSED for "security Reasons" I was informed by the paypal rep that they "just didn't feel comfortable having my business" REALLY???? They sure do feel comfortable holding my $500 for 6 months for NO reason.

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    Unregistered Guest


    The tracking number shows item still in transit. The buyer chose to open a case with eBay and now $400 is on hold in my PayPal account. When I call ebay to explain this they told me to take it up with paypal and paypal is not even answering their phones, hung up after 30 minutes on hold. How hard is it to understand that the item is not received because it is still in transit as per the tracking number.

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    fathi Guest


    paypal holds my money for 60 days and says there are limits on my country.
    Plus, their customer support is the shittiest ever! They've never answered any my questions except for the automatic answers or $1/h support agents that can't even speak english properly


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