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Thread: sellers account frozen so he didnt ship my xbox

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    alton Guest

    Default sellers account frozen so he didnt ship my xbox

    i purchased and xbox360 the seller then said the money got froze in his account and cant send it untill it unfreezes then said he hadnt got enough money to send it so id have to wait a while then i put a dispute up and they said they couldnt find it because its a virtual, digital or intagible item then after the despute closed he his brother said the seller was making it to much of a big deal and said hed give me a refund then i didnt recieve the money and then i asked him what was the problem and he said its froze again and paypal has it pls help me asap

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    toby Guest


    Isn't an xbox360 an actual device? Even if it was a virtual item then it is not covered by seller protection so if filing a dispute you should get your money back regardless of whether the seller has access to his money or if his account is limited/frozen. You need to file a dispute again/appeal this.

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    Callie Guest


    The sellers account will remain frozen until he ships the item you bought from him. Sounds to me like the seller is trying to keep your money and not ship your item. Tell the seller if he doesn't ship or issue a refund immediately you will file a chargeback. Any legit seller would quickly respond to that.


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