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Thread: There is ALWAYS a problem with paypal

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    Doggie Guest

    Default There is ALWAYS a problem with paypal

    My story of PayPal woes goes on, and on, and on. It started about 6 months ago when a friend sent me some money via PayPal. For some reason PayPal decided that the exchange of money was a fraud, so they suspended my account. I had to send them photos of my SS card, driver's license and proof of my address in the form of a utility bill. A month later they same thing happened.

    Now, someone has hacked my account. PayPal will not just allow me to open a claim with the click of a button, and click on the fraudulent transactions. Instead I had to manually fill out a form, then the form has to be printed, then FAXed to them to open the claim.

    If there is ever any problem with my PayPal account, PayPal will first suspends my account and treats me as the criminal.

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    wessly Guest


    I was simply and clearly lied to by paypal to get access to my bank account number---all I wanted to do was check a balance--but it would not let me for security reasons---what a bunch a of bullcrap--they then took a 1000.00 for a purchase out of my account for auto payin bills---this cost me 300.00 in late fees as I was short a grand at bill time----what to do--I called my bank and filed a fraud charge against them--cancelled my credit card they had and call my bank to deny accesss by pay pal. Paypal is just too risky to be doing business with.

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    Gennifer Guest


    Limited account

    Paypal says send us 7 different docs

    Gather docs send them in


    Call...oh no we never got them

    Send them in again, call to confirm

    Nothing's received

    Ask if there is another place to send it to..put on hold and disconnected

    WTF is wrong with this company???

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    Philip Guest

    Default Paypal gets very expensive when they start stealing your money

    Legitimate Business Transaction was flagged for security reasons, customer saw the opportunity to get money back, Paypal's "independent" research determined that the money should be taken back from me. They accessed my bank account to withdraw the money, of which I had already used some, so the total amount was not there. They withdrew the money that was there, charged me a fee for lack of funds, my bank charged me a fee for lack of funds, etc..etc.

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    Lou Guest


    My Paypal account has been limited because I can't provide a PG&E power bill in my name. I live with 3 roommates and I don't have one, it's in the name of the guy I rent from and I pay him. I have a PO Box but they won't allow me to use it. Again live with 3 roommates and I prefer to keep my mail secure and private, hence the PO box. I hate their business tactics or should I say there a lack of? Aggravating beyond words.

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    carla Guest


    i have had my account limited because its allegedly linked with another account, which is just complete nonsense. this is the only account i have, i have provided them proof of my status, but no one seems to care. they must have the most un-proffessional customer service agents.

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    TOBIAS Guest


    I have as yet done no business with PayPal. I will be selling legal information and will want to be paid $35 per customer. I recently received tech help from Microsoft involving a mess with passwords. APPARENTLY as a result of this PayPal sent me notice that my account was restricted to $0 but gave no indication as to how long that would last or what I could do to resolve the situation. I was going to respond to their email but that email has gone missing from my system.I don't see why my password problem has to do with my paypal account.

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    RobinThin Guest


    Bought some things on paypal after i registered my bank and credit card with them. I was expecting them to put my credit card as the main payment option so i always put all my money to my saving account and used my credit card for purchases. WhenI used paypal they first tried to charge my bank account and I made 3 purchases I got 3 $42.50 nsf fees then they charged my credit card. Also have a -7.95 paypal balance I have to pay before I can remove my info from that crap.


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