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Thread: Real paypal email screws me out of $4000 USD

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    Default Real paypal email screws me out of $4000 USD

    I received an email from paypal saying payment received, Everything seemed ligit as always so I shipped my item and paypal never released my money, I contacted paypal and they said it was fraud email then he said try replying to the email if it was real the address would be service@paypal or something like that and I said that's what it is!!! And he said well somehow it's fraud contact your police, The time police done anything the person would be long gone ill never use paypal again.

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    Have you FW that email to paypal? Also is the item that you shipped showing that it was received when you look up the tracking info? Have you tried to contact the buyer to see if he is a legit buyer or a scammer? Need some more info on this case. And the police have better things to do then act as paypal's dispute center. It is absolutely disgusting how paypal screw us sellers over every way possible.


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