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Thread: Buyer didn't use postal insurance instead filed claim

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    Default Buyer didn't use postal insurance instead filed claim

    Shipper refused to report insured damaged package to USPS for insurance, complained to eBay, PayPal refunded money and they sent me back a broken item. Now there's a negative 600$ balance, account suspended (both ebay and paypal) and getting sent to collections. Its not my fault the buyer Didn't use the insurance I paid for, he shouldn't have been Given a refund.

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    I had a buyer receive the item damaged and they did the same thing went to ebay/paypal instead of report insured damaged package to USPS for insurance which I had paid for. In my case ebay/paypal first sided with me stating the buyer should file an USPS insurance claim. Great, problem solved I thought. Then about 3 months later the buyer filed a chargeback and got her money back and left my paypal account with a neg/ balance unable to pay my ebay fees. Now limited/suspended from both ebay and paypal.

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    Default Ship Insurnace Is For The Seller Not The Buyer

    First of all insurance is for the seller not the buyer. The buyer isnt going to pay for insurance because (1) they didnt ship the package (2) they didnt pack the package and (3) they didnt choose the courier. Its the sellers responsibility to ensure the package (1) arrives to the buyer and (2) arrives fully functional.

    Since your the one that paid the post office it was you that was going to get the money if there was a claim. The buyer cannot file a claim because they arent the shipper. Depending on the value of the item its you that made the mistake in thinking that it was the buyer fault.

    Ebay and PayPal are going to side with the buyer for one reason, is that the buyer has the power through his credit card company to take the money away from PayPal. So PayPal is going to do whatever in their power to prevent a loss. Since you getting the money from PayPal, there's nothing you can do about it. Unless the funds are already in your account then your paid for the item. PayPal was the one that charged the credit card of the buyer, so they are legally responsible for the transaction.

    Unless that buyer returns the item, then there is no legal reason that they buyer is entitled to get their money back. There is no way of determining if the item was actually broken in the first place. The buyer is more than likely trying to pull a scam, but thats not the point. Since PayPal charged the card, they technically own the item and the buyer should return the item back to PayPal. But PayPal doesnt want the item, they want the money back they gave. you. The buyer was the one that initiated the chargeback and under the Visa Mastercard regulations, the buyer has to prove they sent the item back.

    Now since you have the item back (ensuring that its the original item) you have a legal obligation to return the money back to where its at. Like we said the shipment insurance is your responsibility not the buyers. For $600 it would of been common sense to send it out with insurance. and what you more than likely did was send it parcel post which is the worst type of shipping service you can use. The chargeback regulations is valid, the item was returned, PayPal paid you for the item, the item was broke, it was returned, so they are asking for the money back they gave you. If this was your credit card processing company, they would of shut your card processing abilities down and send you to collections.

    Instead you want PayPal to be out the funds not you. Sorry to say PayPal is right in this case.


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