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Thread: Ebay without paypal, is is possible?

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    ANDIE Guest

    Default Ebay without paypal, is is possible?

    Paypal held $10,000 of my money for over 2 months. I spent countless hours with them on the phone and eventually I got them to release half of it but the person who did the release never closed the withdrawl limit so I took it all out and got all my money back! I still wish to sell on ebay again and need help. Is there a way to sel on eBay without paypal?

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    Unregistered Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by ANDIE View Post
    Paypal held $10,000 of my money for over 2 months. I spent countless hours with them on the phone and eventually I got them to release half of it but the person who did the release never closed the withdrawl limit so I took it all out and got all my money back! I still wish to sell on ebay again and need help. Is there a way to sel on eBay without paypal?
    yes, you can sell on ebay without paypal and I am not sure why everyone isn't doing it all ready. The only problem I ever had with ebay was having to use paypal. With out paypal eBay is a great place to sell stuff. You would have to find a eBay compatible merchan account like and from there it is easy to set it up on eBay. I have been selling on ebay with my merchant account for over 2 years now and not had one charge back or dispute.

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    Gange Guest


    I wish more sellers knew they could sell on ebay without paypal because then I could go back to shopping on ebay again. paypal banned my account 10 months ago and that pretty much put a stop for me buying stuff from ebay because most sellers insist on using paypal even though they don't have to. There are many paypal alternatives to sell on ebay and sellers need to start using them instead of paypal.

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    TL Green Guest


    Had my credit card stolen and used for signing up for some web sites. Not even sure what ones and PayPal permanently limited my account. I have tried several times to get them to listen to my situation and prove what happened and I can not get anywhere so now I need another way to sell on eBay.

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    Unregistered Guest


    wondering if you can help me please.

    im from the UK, and i dont know if the UK works different, but on the website you HAVE to offer paypal as a payment option.

    can i ask how do you get around this?

    or do you just have your limited paypal account as the delivery email address, and when the buyer tries to pay into it, and inevitably let you know that it doesnt work, do you just say "don't know why, but i also accept payment methods a/b/c if youd like to pay that way?"

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    Yesyoucan Guest


    In the US you can sell on eBay without paypal but that is not the case in the UK unfortunately and I feel for you over there because you are stuck having to have a paypal account if you want to sell on eBay.

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    Unregistered Guest


    would you be able to take international payments with these alternatives? I am a seller on Ebay and sold an Android phone to the Ukraine. Even though I had a tracking number and the buyer stated they got the package, the buyers states the box was empty. This is fraud but it seems Ebay and Paypal are siding with the buyer, even though apparently this type of fraud is rampant and Ebay and Paypal intentionally do not inform sellers.

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    Buyer on ebay Guest


    For 8 years I have used my bank card to buy on ebay. I click on "I have no Pay Pal and I fill out my bank mastercard info it accepts payment and I get my card. Now they keep saying put Pay Pal info in-which I do not use. HELP I didn't start ebay yesterday.

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    Maud Guest


    I sold an item clearly stating that it was AS-IS, POSSIBLY DEFECTIVE, NO RETURNS for approx. $600. After answering several questions for the bidder, he decided to "buy it now". Upon receipt, he decided to return it. When I explained that it was listed "as is" "returns not accepted" he filed a case with eBay, who promptly locked down my account and froze the funds. The upside is that I removed the money from my PayPal account almost immediately after the end of the sale. The downside is that I rely on eBay as a source of supplementary income, and if this is the end of the road for eBay and I, it will really hurt.

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    Unregistered Guest


    Here is what happened to me just 2 weeks ago.
    I been selling for 2 weeks on ebay, had a paypal account (had!) and we all know about the 21 days hold on funds if you been selling less than 90 days and in most cases paypal says the funds will be released 3 days after feedback is left or delivery can be confirmed.
    Well 2 buyers on the same day left positive feedback, 3 days later both buyers monies were not released to me, i had 2 big items i needed to ship and ebay says you should always use ebay to print the labels, well dumbass me I call paypal to ask them to release the money that has been on hold and should have been released because 2 buyers left +'s and has been 4 days since delivered, they tell me "buyer needs to leave feedback and tracking has to show its been delivered 3 days" I said "duh! I just told you both buyers left feedback 4 days ago which means ITS BEEN DELIVERED!" they check the feedback, she said "ok feedback was left" then she checked the tracking number and said "yes, it was delivered 4 days ago so is there anything I can help you with?" i was about to pull my hair out, she was intentionally going round and round with me. I then explained to her that paypal needs to release those funds and release them now as there is no reason paypal should keep holding those funds, I told her you confirmed positive feedback left me, Confirmed the items have indeed been delivered what else you need DNA samples??? she said this is ebays policy, I said i dont care you are paypal you are two different companies you say , she then said we are owned by ebay but we are two different companIes. I said I dont like this, she said I can get ebay on the phone to explain the details. (within 20 seconds there was an ebay rep on the phone!! how is this possible?)

    This was 1pm on a friday, later that night around 130am i get emails saying my paypal account is now limited.
    Tried to get them to unlimit it, they would not.
    On sunday I went to merchantinc, monday application being processed , tuesday account ready, weds i go on ebay try to launch a new auction without paypal, it then asks me to supply my merchant account info, i do, then it would not let me list an auction until YOU CALL EBAY and have them "change your settings to allow merchant account" so i did, they kept me waiting on hold 2 times and about 10 minutes each time, finally they get back on the phone and say ok, you can sell now.

    so within 5 minutes I listed the auction

    Exactly 2 hours later my ebay account suspended and auction listing removed, i was hot!!! i called them and asked them why it was okay to sell two hours ago? and not now. I also said i have 102+ rating, no cases filed against me, I am using one of the payment methods allowed on ebay so why the hell is my account suspended from selling?!!!

    she said your paypal account is limited, i said now wait a minute, one i am not using paypal, and two paypal is a DIFFERENT COMPANY you people keep telling me so why am i suspended from selling now?? she repeated the same thing, i then told her in the email from ebay when you limited my sellers account it says "we received a few complaints from buyers about your recent activity, please go to the resolution center" i went and NOT ONE CASE FILED AGAINST ME NOR IN THE PAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here is what I believed happened....

    Paypal and ebay ARE the same company NO QUESTION ABOUT IT!! NO one will tell me differently!
    when you try to open a merchant account after previously using paypal, they will let you add the merchant account info then you need to call them so they can "make the correct changes" which is BS!!!!!!!! what i believe they are doing is getting that information in case you open a NEW ebay account and try to use the same merchant account information and then they can track you and suspend you AGAIN!

    So if you used paypal on ebay as a seller and want to switch to a merchant account DO NOT USE THE SAME EBAY SELLER ACCOUNT!!!!! open a new ebay account and then add your merchant account info


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