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Thread: Looking for class action lawsuit against Paypal

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    Angry Fraud

    I got three unauthorized charges to my account from "perfect world" (I guess its some online gaming website) through pay pal. somehow someone made those charges now im over drafted on my bank account. Called pay pal and some one said they are investigating and they will get back to me. Please please someone if you have any advice I don't know what to do. I am a single mom. I cant believe someone would do that I am barely hanging as it is and this happens. what can I do?

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    Seriously all these paypal faggots can go to HELL. I got in a CAR ACCIDENT last year on my way to the freaking post office. My aunt (whos a doctor) came and got me and told me i could stay at her house while she nursed me to health for 2 weeks, i called paypal and informed them my shipments would be delayed and they apologized and agreed and sympathized with my situation. THEN they proceeded to refund all my buyers, still charge me sellers fee and ban me indefinitely from selling.

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    Default Pay PAL and Ebay

    We Americans need to standup, unite against these bastards, I want a class filed against, them not only for everything mentioned, but to take away the rights of Ebay and Paypal from giving our money back to the buyer when we are all allowed to sell items AS IS, NO REFUNDS NO RETURNS AS IS NOT WORKING!
    I have lost thousands of Dollars to PayPal and Ebay buyers because they DIDN'T Read the item specifics, and just clicked and bought, then when they received the item they found out it was that way, and filed a claim with ether one and won and the funds refunded without my written approval, then I still had to pay the seller fees to E bay and the PayPal merchant fees, then they closed my account because I couldn't pay my Ebay billing seller fees.

    E bay and PayPal, fail to understand if it weren't for us sellers there would be NO BUSINESS for them., and further that money is in fact ours and they have no right to refund any funds to anyone, as the merchant that is our job to do so, only on a basis of our own company policies. the laws are very specific, in the eCommerce, laws the buyers protection plans cannot be enforced if its against our policies to refund, they do not have the legal right to refund our income, only we have a right to do so, there needs to be a class action filed to force E Bay and PayPal to end the bullshit protection plans as they are being used illegally , without our signed consent to let ether or both to act in our behalf.

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    You cannot be effective having people voice their opinion about Paypal only on a website. What does it help? It may deter some people from using Paypal, but most people will still have to use them if they are Ebay buyers or sellers. So, instead of that, why don't you speak to an attorney (or I can) and propose to all your members here on this website to put up some money so we can sue Paypal? I don't know how many members you have or can get together from other Paypal hater websites, but even at $2 donations, if we can get a few thousands members to spend that money, we will stand stronger. Or collect a list of signatures and present it to the Federal Trade Commission?

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    Angry Paypal used money from my closed checking account

    My husband and I are sellers on ebay and of course we have to use PayPal. We confirmed our checking account and credit card and everything was great, never had a problem. Than we decided to change banks. We added the new checking account, which was confirmed. We made the new checking account our primary.

    Today I checked and I almost fainted. Every time that we used the PayPal Debit card, PayPal used the old checking account for back-up funds. Now we are close to $200.00 in the "red" with PayPal, and I am not even sure how much we owe the bank.

    I tried to remove the old checking including the credit card number for that account, but I could not. PayPal told me that I had an outstanding balance. Than I checked my email and found out that PayPal removed the old checking account because it was closed. NO !! They still used that account as a back up payment.

    I am so mad and frustrated, I want to sue PayPal because of that. If anybody knows of any ongoing lawsuits against PayPal, please let me know...

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    Thumbs down

    wow. Ebay and Paypal have bought the right to ban class action suits. My God. How can they get away with what they do. I PRAY for the day they are punished for all the ways they abuse sellers. I'm shocked that there are not other sites that can provide congruent services to buyers and sellers. I'm sure Ebay has monopolized that market as well. Something must be done immediately. They cannot continue to get away with their fine tooth discrimination of sellers in order to meet their goals. It's disgusting.

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    I too would love to see a class action lawsuit against paypal. I just recently got out of $10,000 worth of debt because of people who claimed the item "wasn't as described" and then they never even shipped the item back to me! They got free computers that I had to pay the bill for everyone! I use FirstData now for my payment processor. No holds, fees are good, you get to use your own return policies too.

    These people LITERALLY stole from me and paypal was the accomplice.

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    They permanently limited my account for unknown reasons. There is no way of appeal. I will be campaigning local politicians to limit this company's access in our country. While ever they are above the law, they should not be able to operate in a free country. It is totally criminal that a banking organisation can attain close to monopoly status in the online world without oversight. Lobby your politicians to have this criminal organisation's accounts in your country labeled as "Permanently Limited".


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