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Thread: Paypal lack of CSR & Lack of resolving Identity Theft issues

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    Default Paypal lack of CSR & Lack of resolving Identity Theft issues

    I opened a Paypal account and had it for several days. Shortly after funds were transferred I received an email stating that 8 years ago I had a Paypal account that was in the negative balance and needed to bring that up to date before I could receive my current funds. Mind you, this is my FIRST time opening a Paypal account.

    I called customer service because I have NEVER used Paypal and I realized an ex -spouse opened the account and had used it leaving a negative balance.

    The lady was not helpful at all and showed no understanding and just said I have to pay it and contact him to reimburse me. Genius idea!! I'll just call up my ex-husband and ask for him to reimburse me after I just explained to her that he opened many accounts and left me to pay off all the bills which I did not know of until my divorce. Why didn't I think of that genius idea??? I am sure he'll just pay it, with a smile on his face, as we catch upon the good 'ol days over a nice cup of tea together!!!

    I told her I would provide her with his contact information and she said that I am responsible and that it is not a case of identity theft, so after I explained to her what identity theft actually is, she proceeded to tell me that I have to prove he in fact established the account.

    Then I told her to just take the money and close the account. She proceeds to tell me that I have to call back and authorize the account to be closed. So I have to wait another 48 hours to stop doing business with this organization.

    This was MY first experience with Paypal and now my last!!!

    What I experienced?
    1) There was no customer service (the lady was pathetically unsympathetic giving ridiculous suggestions and just telling me that it is what it is basically).
    2) Paypal conveniently does not notify you there is an outstanding balance until you have put funds in your account.

    I did call back to speak with a manager and I spoke with another customer service person who was much more helpful and even provided me the information regarding transactions which the first CSR would not provide me, just giving me a blanket statement. The transactions did confirm it was my ex-husband using the account, but still I will have to pay for it.

    He stated that the system pulls and links accounts in batches so you could have an account open for years and all of a sudden have your account frozen due to linking it to an account that could have been fraudulently opened in your name.

    While the second CSR was very helpful, I am still unhappy with the service (or lack thereof) and how shady the company is in regards to not only not protecting people and their identities, but in not helping them resolve accounts that have been opened fraudulently.

    I hope Paypal pays the second CSR well though because if I were to ever do business with them (which is a no!) it would only be because of how kind, respectful and helpful he was. I pray he is blessed for his kindness!!!!!

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    paypal is just too frustrating to deal with and I am yet to have a good experience calling them and I have called them many times wasting many hours.
    The way they link accounts to eachother is very shady and a way to extort money from people who has nothing to do with the negative account.
    I still have a paypal account for buying, I would never use it for collecting payments and if all sellers would just accept credit card payments instead of paypal i could get rid of my paypal account.


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