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Thread: Paypal-the most trusted way to get ripped off!

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    Angela87 Guest

    Default Paypal-the most trusted way to get ripped off!

    I also have a limited account. Person claimed he received fake item, and the story goes on, like everyone else's does. They started limiting family member accounts for no reason.I even called PayPal. And I had no chance to respond to the accusations. Oh the buyer was told to return item to me and supply tracking number , by PayPal - the buyer gave PayPal the same tracking number that I originally had sent item to him. Look who is the fraud. PayPal still refunded him. Piece is shit company

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    Lilly Guest


    I had my paypal account suspended, closed then i appealed and it was re-opened. 3 weeks later a limitation was put on it again, i am waiting on the outcome so I can take my money and run

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    I sold an item to US buyer and sent from outside US with tracking.. it was bit delayed, but later delivered. Buyer was impatient, opened a case on ebay and paypal took my money. No item, no money for me..


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