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Thread: Suspended from ebay and locked out of PayPal

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    Neil O'Brian Guest

    Default Suspended from ebay and locked out of PayPal

    I have been growing my ebay business for years and was finally elevated to powerseller in january 2013, i logged on February 28th only to find my account had been suspended for multiple violations dating back to the previous october. violations i had never been informed of, i was given no chance to correct the problem, i just to throw some salt in the wound, they locked me out of my paypal account, now i have no income and i cant use MY money!

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    opi Guest


    i have been ban from ebay and they are n ot telling me any thing , i have 100% feedback as and they are banning my accounts i ask for proof , they dont reply to my emails and I can't get anyone on the phone

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    Curt Guest


    Due to technical glitch two items out of more than 3000k items were duplicates and now my account is frozen and I have been restricted for 6 months. Ever since my business grew ebay is finding every single little errors to stop me from competing fairly in the marketplace. When you call same answer and no help. I have giving them thousands of dollars of business per year and all they give me is an apology. I depend on my business to pay my mortgage, pay my expenses and if this continues I will be out on the streets.

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    Unregistered Guest


    I can write a book on my horrific Ebay and PayPal experiences. Lets just say I would rather do business with the Mafia than PayPal or Ebay. They surely have mastered the art of screwing people over. I got both my ebay and paypal account suspended and I still don't know why and still don't have my money. Lost a total of over $4000

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    Nikki Guest


    In November 2010 I sold some turbo tax software I had in my possession and two I pads that were going to be purchased from Apple. PayPal limited my account. I refunded the ipad money and the buyers were happy. The turbo tax buyers recieved what they purchased and were happy. Because I could not provide paypal with receipts and picture of the ipads they banned me for LIFE! It took over 12 hours on the phone to come to this conclusion. Ebay is part of this as the right hand never talks to the left. They will not take my account off the internet for LIFE.

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    Ron Guest


    banned for ebay's wrong information that they provided me with. They told us we could sell a certain product on ebay which then got us limited on PayPal. How is that fail if it is allowed by ebay but not by paypal. I thought they were the same company??

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    mom Guest


    I opened my paypal account first, it was convenient to move money into my son's bank account. Last week I put a bottle of essential oil from Grenada on ebay to sell for $6.75. They took my listing down first, no explanation. Next, the closed my ebay account for some unknown security risk, now paypal is blocked for a bad transaction, I've never made a transaction.

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    J.M Guest


    I ordered something on eBay (a $5000 camera) and paid for it through PayPal. The moment I paid, the listing was deleted and eBay informed me I did not have to pay for the item I had already paid for! I did a chargeback on my credit card and Paypal limited my account until I pay back the money, even though the money was stolen by someone else and I never received the camera! My paypal selling account was suspended as well. I wasted hours of my life begging customer service to fix my account, to no avail. I HATE PAYPAL.

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    chris_24 Guest


    EBay and PayPal combined have screwed me royally 4 times; Ebay removed my listing for supposed trademark violation, and deleted all my seller history, made me refund all my buyers, imposed seller limits on my account and suspended all my accounts and customer service is horrible , run by outsourced foreigners who don't have a clue on company policy and on top of that PayPal their evil twin held all my funds for 6 months.

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    Unregistered Guest


    Got kicked off of eBay for doing too much business. eBay told buyers not to do business or cancel transactions which led to my PayPal being shut down too


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