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Thread: Suspended from ebay and locked out of PayPal

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    Jon Guest


    My eBay store sales were not high enough volume for them. They closed my pay pal account. after 8 years.

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    Irina rings Guest


    Hi, I was kicked off of ebay for selling a movie which was transferred on to dvd from vhs. this movie is considered to be in public domain because the rights were never renewed. my paypal account was also frozen. they never replied to me when I emailed my concerns

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    Unregistered Guest


    I was kicked off ebay for no reason other than they said I was in violation. they told me I can never come back again and pay pal will not release my money and have suspended the account as well. I tried to get back on and they will not release any of my new money that I have made and will not listen to me or explain to me what I did wrong. I am banned from ebay and cannot get pay pal ever again. How can I get back on? I did nothing wrong and I am an honest person. I want to get in touch with the ceo but I know it won't be worth the effort

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default eBay suspensions

    Isn't it interesting how eBay removes all blogs on FB related to suspensions. What are they afraid of?


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