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Thread: Is a shopping cart required?

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    Noreen Guest

    Default Is a shopping cart required?

    do I have to have a shopping cart with a merchant account or can I just place buttons next to my items. i only sell 3 different things so I don't want to be wasting my money on a shopping cart and paypal has pissed me off for the last time holding my money for 3 weeks so I need something other then paypal and was told I should look in to a merchant account

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    Rokkstar Guest


    No you don't need a shopping cart, you can place buy now buttons next to your items that you are selling. If you were to sell numerous different items then a shopping cart would be needed but if you are only selling 3 different products you can pull it off without a shopping cart. There are shopping carts you can get for free as well so you may want to look in to that.

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    Phil Guest


    Not required but does make it easier I think. Like previous poster mentioned there are free basic shopping carts available like cartsquare (that is the one I use) but I am sure there are many more like it.

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    Dinoegg2637 Guest


    you need a merchant account with a shopping cart but you do not need a shopping cart with a merchant account. It all depends on how you are planning on accepting your payments. If you are you looking to sell on eBay you can forgo the shopping cart.

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    Brad4578 Guest


    I use a shopping cart because I think it's easier but it is not something that my merchant service provider dictates if I do or don't. They basically only provide me with the ability to accept payments everything else is whichever way I want it to be and set it up as.


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