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Thread: "No refund" means nothing to ebay

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    Marsha Guest

    Default "No refund" means nothing to ebay

    2 years ago, I found out on ebay a "no refund" sale means 100 percent refundable no matter how stupid your reason." Ebay refunded the purchase without even asking me. When I didn't accept the decision, which was made by what sounded like giggling teenagers who knew nothing about the item I was selling. My account was closed. To add insult to injury, the buyer received the refund, but never returned the item.

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    Unregistered Guest


    Means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! I sell custom made dresses that I make and I have a no refund policy, If something is not to the buyers liking I'll fix it but I do not allow returns as these dresses are Custom made.
    One lady bought a dress from me I made it, shipped, she loved it, wore it to the event she had it made for and then 40 days later filed a dispute and got her money back in 10 hours. I did not even have a chance to respond and when I appealed stating I don't offer refunds and that the buyer was happy with the dress I was denied my appeal and no more appeals were allowed. Oh and to top it off I never got the dress back. I am sure she wore it again.

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    Molly Guest


    All my sales are final, I don't offer refunds but ebay and paypal have refunded 3 different buyers "on my behalf" after they claimed the item was not as described. Buyers need to read more carefully what they are buying. My items were exactly as described with pics and dimensions. Ebay/paypal is not my boss and I don't work for them. I pay them money to use their service; a sucky service

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    Unregistered Guest


    as a buyer that got ripped off by a seller who stated no refunds I am happy that paypal/ebay stepped up and did the right thing for me. What the seller send me was not what I had paid for, instead I got a cheap knock off basicly worthless. After trying to work with the seller who kept referring back to his no refund policy I got help from paypal/ebay and got my money back. And I shipped back the piece pf crap the seller had sent me so I don't feel bad at all.

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    Sunnysidedown Guest


    We sold a game console for $180 on ebay and they then demanded that we repay the buyer as he said the game console did not work. When he sent it back, we sent paypal photo's and video of it working, plus that feedback that we got from the next buyer who said it worked perfectly. Paypal still demanded us to pay them $180 but we never did.


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