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Thread: Is Neg. pp balance a problem?

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    Default Is Neg. pp balance a problem?

    Could I still get approved for a merchant account even if I have a negative balance with paypal? A big negative balance, someone did a false chargeback on a webdesign job I did for them and since there was no tracking number (it was a service) they got the money back. I am not willing risking that happening again with paypal and was looking to get a merchant account but I am worried that my neg. pp balance will stop me from getting approved.

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    a negative balance with paypal will not affect your ability to get a merchant account. a paypal debt is not recognized bu the 3 major credit reporting agencies. Most merchant accounts will approve you as long as you don't have an open bankruptcy.

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    Ivan Guest


    Most merchant accounts will do a soft credit check when you apply to make sure you are not in an open bankruptcy or on a TMF list, kind of a black list you get put on if you owe a real processing company money (paypal does not count)

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    No it will not affect you getting a merchant account


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