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Thread: A little help and advice will be appreciated! paypal reversed payment from facebook

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    Default A little help and advice will be appreciated! paypal reversed payment from facebook

    As all of us, i got my hit with paypal. they limited my account after some big transactions between the accounts, no reason and no explanations. thing is, they reversed a lot of the transactions, some of them was payment for facebook ads. around 1.5k euro.

    I cant see any error on facebook ads manager (yet), do paypal able to do that?
    does anyone had a similar issue? will facebook recharge this amounts automatically?

    Thanks a lot,

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    is your account limited and they are holding your money for 180 days or have they requested any documentation from you?

    So you got the money back that you had paid for facebook adds?

    Need a little more information in this from you.

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    They didn't say anything about holding the money for 180 days, just that it's limited.
    They did asked for documentation, invoices, proof of supply etc.. I dont want and dont have the papers they want me to send.

    I did get the money back on my bank for the reversals. facebook still havent contact me for this chargebacks.

    Now i called paypal for solving the negative balance and from some reason they told me I can't pay for the negative balance till all cases are closed, and i still have 2 caes opened.
    should i wait till this cases close and call again? or call them again and how will i explain the cases? can i just ask them to close it?

    My main problem is that the accounts was founded only for paying for the facebook campaigns, and for this reason i dont have invoices or any proof i can send them.

    Thanks a lot for he help!


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