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Thread: Can't get restrictions lifted

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    EllenBGood Guest

    Default Can't get restrictions lifted

    Ebay recently put restrictions on account after 6 years of successful selling and will not lift them all even though I have my account back to above rated status. They don't care that ebay is my only source of income or that many buyers lie just to get their way.

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    sunny Guest


    Paypal an ebay have restricted my accounts and frzen my funds becase i found a goldmine item and my sales dramatically increased. Success is suspicious apparently

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    Elisabeth Guest


    I had a score of 1200 stars and zero negative feedback and a 7 year history with ebay and got kicked off for getting one to many refunds - and was not given the right to an appeal. The fact is I only had a small amount of refunds and they awarded them to me!!

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    Amir Guest


    I opened up both a new paypal and ebay account with the help from the ebook offered from this site. Took me a few days to do but have not had any problems since with the new accounts but the thing with paypal and ebay is that you never know why or when they'll shut you down.

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    Alyssa Guest


    In 2011 we put our Apple mac up for sale on eBay. Complete working order. PayPal requested proof of purchase + 2 forms of ID - purchase receipt showing store name, product details., sale price + our name & details, copy of passport + copy of driver's license were all sent through & received by Paypal. PayPal in turn limit our Account with no reason & when asked why, their response was "It is our legal right not to give you any information why". Next we find that eBay have permanently blocked our account with no explanation. After numerous phone calls of getting nowhere, we gave up. 2 years later, accounts still blocked. Asked for issue to be reviewed. This is denied & their reason being "Due to excessive risk"!!????? Ummmm... What risk....?

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    Jeeves Guest


    its an ebay problem ,in short i was an ebay customer for 7 plus years with 100% feedback score and all paid balances with ebay followed all the ebay rules this past year 2011 has been the worst year for me financially , the shop i own i struggled to keep the doors open for 2 years now supplementing my income with sales on ebay, i fell behind on my ebay fee's totaling a whole $340.94 which i did not have it was rent or ebay thats a no brainer!!! anyway i told ebay i was trying to find ways to pay them but eventually they shut me down, well my girlfriend had an account with them and we decided to sell my parts thru that account till i had the funds to pay back the ebay fees, they caught wind because she gave me a paypal debit card in my name under her account so they shut her down, mind you she is only my girl friend they told her that because she was associated with me thy shut her down until i resolve the ebay fees, she said i took him off everything on my account they said doesnt matter, she also said what if we break up , they didnt care isnt that fucked up?

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    Unregistered Guest


    hi i was taken of ebay as they stated i was selling fake goods this was unfair as i got every recipt from the wholesellers i was buying from and ebay did not ask for the recipts which i was gladley able to supply to them .i am left with loads of goods and cant get a paypal account because of a false statement by someone who I am now suspecting of being my competition and they were trying to get rid of me and succeeded.

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    Megan1987 Guest


    Restricted on eBay, have done everything necessary, call every few days, promises to fix help whatsoever. Need to list and sell-disabled.


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