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    Hi, I am after some advice.

    I sold an item before X-mas from a forum, the buyer paid 150 via PP and all was well. I emailed the seller for a postal address and sent the item Special Delivery RM. The item was delivered and signed for, and I have the proof of receipt / signature etc.

    However, the buyer was a company, and had incorrectly given me the address of the admin company that keeps his companies registered details. Up until a few months ago he paid for a mail forwarding service to send his post to his home address, however he has since subsequently cancelled. Therefore the admin company returned the parcel back to the sender (me) and once I received the parcel I was going to simply send it back to the buyers home address. The parcel has obviously not arrived, and now the buyer has raised a claim saying he never received the item.

    Where do I stand on this? He is saying that the address I sent it to was not his registered Paypal address, however it was the address he gave me to post it to?

    I am now 150 negative balance on Paypal. I have responded back to Paypal but I am waiting to hear of the outcome. If it transpires I lose the case, what happens if I simply state my debit card linked on PP as lost and refuse the pay the negative balance? I am based in the UK.


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    ONLY ship to a registered paypal address. By shipping to a different address then the verified paypal address you are not covered by seller protection. If you all ready have the item back, keep it and sell it to someone else. This guy sounds shady.


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