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Thread: 21 day hold and still no money

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    Default 21 day hold and still no money

    i have had to wait 21 days for my pending balance to be available to release. still after 21 days it is pending.... even though i have verified my account, provided all delivery tracking details, and had positive feedback from the buyer on ebay
    What else am I supposed to do to get my money?

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    Glenn Guest

    Default escrow "probation" status

    My paypal account went into an escrow "probation" status after being moved from top rated to below standard by ebay through .00002% in one category in item not as described without any explanation of how they would be holding my money hostage for up to a month for each ebay transaction. When I contacted paypal they blame it on ebay policy. Ebay then directs me back to paypal. I was not told how to print labels during this period of time and incurred 10 overdraft fees just for shipping labels that paypal would not fund with customer payment money. It has been a nightmare.

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    SuprU Guest


    I sold a product on Ebay. Sent the product and it was delievered December 22. The funds are still pending. Paypal has had the money pending for over 3 weeks now. So now i am out a product and paypal is holding my money for some reason unknown to me. I only used paypal because i thought it was just a tansfer of money. I was wrong. Im thinking they are holding money as long as they can so they can collect interest off of it. They charge us to use the service, which i dont mind, then they hold our money for as long as they can legally. Getting tired of everything you do in this world, someone is out to scam you.


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