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Thread: Can't sell on ebay anymore

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    john67 Guest


    Closed ebay account without notice - hold funds- i have 80,000 in inventory i can't sell

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    Curtis44 Guest


    I had a paypal account and several ebay accounts. Just because one of my feedback score on ebay was below 98.5% (can you believe that?) they gave me a warning and if I did not improve my ebay score within 3 months, they would close my account. I begged and begged these lying buyer to retract their feedback, only two out of 100 buyers. Nobody pays you no mind. And they did shut down my account. Once that happened. They somehow detected my other accounts ebay and paypal, they linked them together and shut them all down too. even though they were for different businesses, they would not listen. As long as they are from the same IP address or something, they would shut down all your linked accounts as well.

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    LEANN Guest


    I have been selling branded items successfully on ebay with 100% feedback - all of a sudden my paypal account became limited use and within hrs of providing the required info, including purchase invoices, I received another email saying that it is closed so how do I now sell on ebay?


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