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Thread: Can't sell on ebay anymore

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    Kenn Guest

    Default Can't sell on ebay anymore

    Had an account with ebay and paypal for many years...bought and sold many items. Had 100% positive feedback. Girlfriend likes to buy a lot of stuff from flea markets... Had about 10 purses to get rid of so we thought it would be easier to sell on ebay then sell at the flea market. Purses were only $5-$15. After selling a few Paypal freezes the account and asks for receipts of purchase. Nobody even made a complaint. Who in the Hell gets a receipt for items they buy at a flea market. They froze the account for many months. Only had $45 in there but still it was my money. They finally unlocked the funds but I wasn't allowed to sell again. Paypal has too much power over your own money. My middle finger to those crooks!

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    carlos Guest


    I had my account for 5 year I was a powerseller one day they call in the morning to tell me that they are closing my ebay account and frozen my paypa account because they assume I was selling high volumes of items, so the assume it could be "counterfeit" after telling them That I have the proves of authenticity so it was a mater of day to put it together the next day they send another email that they already made the decision to close my account without letting me send any further prove I was in shock, still Paypal holding my money cause they limit my money... I don't know what to do???

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    Hudson Guest


    you don't need paypal to sell on ebay in the US . you can sell with an ebay compatible merchant account like merchantinc and then you don't have to worry about having your money frozen

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    taylor Guest


    I am a single parent with two children who i solely support and a mortgage.I have used ebay for 6 years as both a private & now a business seller it has become my,our sole income, i have a feedback of 8710 but the past year my sales have been a bit up & down due to the current climate, I list on average 10 items a day and always pay my fees on time,except all returns and always refund inc return postage!!! In november my monthly sales were around 2000??? ..and then you get a couple of negatives for items not received which really is royal mails fault and you refund the buyers in full.. BOOM account suspended indefinately , how can they be allowed to take away your lively hood...its SHOCKING !!!

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    sassie Guest


    I sold a few objects on ebay, after 1 contestation about object not delivered (solved) they still limit my account and now they sent an email writing paypal want to close my account and keep the money. so how will I sell on ebay if paypal closes my account or will my ebay account close too? I still have many objects to sell but now can't get money for sales.

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    Unregistered Guest


    I have been banned from ebay for mistakenly providing mis-matching registration information. when i tried to supply the right information, ebay told me my account is permanently banned and there will not be any appeals. Can I open a new ebay account or is it like with paypal that you can only ever have one account?

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    nick Guest


    I was selling my stuff on ebay for the first time.. Sold 3 items.. of my own. Then ebay banned my account from selling. doesn't make sense. I was always on time. how do I get back on?

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    GOXtra Guest


    My account was restricted and Ebay is holding our reserve of about 1 grand and i cant get the money, its ruining my business! and worst is that no one is willing to help. Paypal is blaming ebay and ebay is blaming paypal, how convenient for them. meanwhile I am stuck between a rock and a hard place with no money.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Ceo

    I have written to the CEO as I too was suspended, they told me my handbag was a fake even though they produced no evidence to support this. I could provide evidence to say it was real but they were not interested. Only thing is I have lost the email address for him, can anyone help?

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    Unregistered Guest


    My paypal account got my ebay account suspended. So, i opened a new ebay account under a different email but still using paypal and they reported me to ebay. So now i cant even check my tracking on items i am waiting for.


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