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    fed up off ebay would you be interested in trying us out I'am promoting a new website called mybid2bid,we are in the process of building up a alternative place to buy & sell your items, either by auction, buy it now, making an offer or even swapping your item.We appreciate the most popular auction site boasts millions of users but recently sellers have started to move away due to the increase in costs, we hope you help us to become a real alternative online auction and shopping site by using us and asking your buyers to purchase your items through your listings.

    As your buyers follow you to our site you will not need to list on the other site therefore potentially saving you hundreds, maybe even thousands in fees a year (depending on how many items you have listed).

    You can insert basic listings on our site for free and you can even earn credits to pay your fees to upgrade your listing.

    Please feel free to have a look & list some items for sell or buy some off the items currently listed on our site, you can also create you own store.

    we look forward to working with you
    Best regards,
    The My Bid2Bid staff

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    the problem is that people aren't making the switch to new alternatives. There are plenty good ones out there but buyers and sellers are sticking with what they know and that is eBay as much as they do suck. As a buyer I find what I need on eBay and as a seller I sell my items fast there. But I like what you are doing here.


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