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Thread: Anyone else seen this API error

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    Default Anyone else seen this API error

    Hey everyone,

    I signed up with Merchantinc and have everything all good to go with, I put in all the necessary information into ebay to integrate the two. Everything shows up active in ebay with my account, however, everytime I try to post to ebay (while ONLY selecting the credit card option in my listing) I keep receiving this error.

    Has anyone ever seen this or come across this before?


    In order to use the credit card option you need to have both a valid Internet Merchant account and a payment gateway in place to secure the transactions. To find out more about this please review the information on the following page:

    At this time the only compatible gateways for use on eBay are Payflow and If you are ready to setup your payment gateway you will find instruction under “Setting up a payment gateway for your Internet merchant account” on the following page:

    Once you have setup your gateway please contact customer support to make the appropriate adjustments to your account to start accepting credit cards."

    The thing is, if I pick the paypal option with the credit card option I am able to list. My feedback is at 8, is it supposed to be higher in order to use only?

    I have been searching EVERYWHERE for an answer and just can't find one. Any help is appreciated

    Thanks! :-)

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    Your feedback rating doesn't matter when you use to sell on eBay. I too have merchantinc, for about a year now and I do remember something similar when I was setting it up with ebay. I went through with the set up process one more time and that time it worked for me. Haven't had a problem since. You could always give them a call at merchantinc, they are very helpful over there, unlike paypal.


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