Ok, here's the deal. I had a paypal account that I used up until 2006, then a scam artist tried to get me for some money and I got locked up in a claim that I never could get them to give me my money back, so I stopped using that account, I had a negative $200 balance on it and said F' it I'm starting a new one. So I started a new account, I've been using it for 4 years now with ZERO problems, I've had over $2,000 on it at times and never had an issue. So, I sold an item on ebay the other day, got paid and shipped it out, well right after i shipped it i got an email saying my account was limited due to it being linked to another account. Now they say to get my $235 off my current good account I had to pay the negative balance, ok - so i thought to myself - not wanting something to show up on my credit later I will pay it - so I paid $212.xx and thought that would free up the $235 in the good account.....wrong!!! Now they say I have to pay an additional $2xx dollars to get it completely freed up. So, I'm wondering......how can I get the $235 off the good account without having to deal with all that other crap??? I've got a debit card with this account, can I use that card some how to make a purchase somewhere to force it through to pull fromt hat $235? Just curious if anyone else has tried to do something like that.