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Thread: Cant access account

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    JaspersMOM Guest


    I can't log in to my account yet have not made any changes to my account. Paypal rep told me to reset PW, I did and still can't access my account. Called again and were asked security questions that were not for my account, was told O should try and log in again in 24 hours and STILL I CAN'T LOG IN. The second I am able to log in I am closing my account, I do not trust them to keep my info safe. I am now fearing my account has been hacked and someone updated my info without me knowing. Just can't bear the thought of calling the complete morons over at paypal one more time.

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    Jenna Guest


    My account has been restricted for no reason. I just want to close it and use my other account that is in my married name, so that I can use my bank account details. I can't log into the old account because of the restrictions, and it crashes when I try and verify my details. Just going round in circles! Customer services also won't recognize my working account, even though I use it to buy things regularly.

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    radhik Guest


    paypal wont let me log into my account ive rang six times there all rude there saying my email address doesnt exsit yet there still sending emails to it ive emailed no answer all iam getting is myself more annoyed thats not good for me health wise ive now taken off all my items for sale on ebay iam fed up with it all ive been there top customer now i wont be

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    danny Guest


    i used paypal for 2 accounts and now all of a sudden i cant login to it. the message keeps popping up as
    " your last transaction has not been completed"
    the thing is that ALL transactions have been completed and dealt with, i have money on the account that i want to get off of it but i cant get past that part, and there help desk is doing NOTHING to even help that problem, the only thing i did not try was go to united states of america and try a computer there. i wonder if this is happening to alot more people then just a few

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    I guess you will just have to open a new one but using a different email address. Your email addresss might be already stored in their database hence it will not be easy to still use it on a new account. I hope you did not have money in the previous account before it was closed that can be so unfortunate.


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