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Thread: Why is paypal so slow compared to others?

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    Default Why is paypal so slow compared to others?

    Paypal cannot do any transaction in less than 3 days. It takes 3 days for the funds to post and 3 days for the funds to be withdrawn. It takes a WEEK for them to do anything. Its insane. ALL banks and merchants can do transactions in a matter of seconds, but paypal takes a week! Meanwhile I sit and suffer.

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    INTEREST! that's why. with over 100 million people using paypal just thing of the money that can be generated in interest on all the money that paypal is holding anywhere from a few days to years.

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    Default They use your money

    I just completed a transaction via direct debit to one of my checking accounts which I never have done before. I always use a credit card because you have more control. In this case the merchant issued a credit which has not shown up on my bank statement. PayPay says that it takes up to 3 days but yet they withdraw you money immediately.

    I closed out my credit card account 2 years ago because the attempted to make to cash withdrawals from my checking for the same item within a day of each other. This resulted in an NSF charge. Customer service did not want to talk about it.

    Caveat Emptor.... do not use any cash transactions with PayPal if you can avoid it. Only fund with credit cards or find another service. They like to use your cash.


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