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Thread: why is the pricing so different

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    Jesse Guest

    Default why is the pricing so different

    I have been looking for something to replace paypal with before they put a hold on my funds but I can't figure out why come merchant accounts are $50/month and some are less then $10/month. What's the difference, what should I be looking for?

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    bluejam Guest


    Pure profit my friend. More money in their pockets.
    Be sure when you are looking for an online merchant account that you are set up with both a merchant account and payment gateway. You need both in order to take payments. Some companies only offer one or the other. And be sure they don't have a lengthy contract, that could end up costing you if you had to cancel your account.

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    Olderandwiser Guest


    When I was looking for a merchant account as a back up to paypal I first went to my bank but they wanted to charge me over $55/month plus there was a 3 year contract. I mean I hope I am in business in 3 years but with the economy the way it's now I can't be sure and sure as hell don't wan to be stuck paying penalties for canceling an account I don't need. offers merchant account for $8 included everything I needed and when I asked if my bank could match it they said that their services was much better...BS I looked it all up and it's the exact same thing..just cheaper. no wonder banks are no longer trusted by so many


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