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Thread: Accused of duplicate listings

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    Default Accused of duplicate listings

    Well its a ebay problem , and they have suspended my account today because they say I violated the duplicate listing rules and have had 5 duplicate listings. well I only had three but since they somehow had a duplicate listing show up on my listings ( but never charged me a listing fee like they always do. and they ended both the duplicate and the first one, that was number 4 & 5 and said they cant figure out how A listing showed up with out me being charges a listing fee? hmm computer glitch

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    Mr. L Guest


    so instead of looking in to the problem and fixing it ebay suspended your account. That is so typical of them. 99% of all problems I have had with ebay have been caused by mistakes and glitches on their end but I am always the one having to defend and prove myself. For something that could be so easy they sure make it hard and expensive for their users. Not to mention being forced to use paypal....they are even worse then ebay.

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    e-bay screws people. They have a bunch of people in india who can't even read or understand english making decisions on whether or not listings are duplicates. Duh!


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