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Thread: Account is Limited and fighting a fraudulent seller

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    xag Guest

    Question Account is Limited and fighting a fraudulent seller

    Hi all,

    I bought some small silverwear from a seller in south east asia a month ago. Just recently Paypal decided to permanently limit my account without chance of appeal. Still flabbergasts me, but thats not my concern. It looks as though he just wanted a quick buck and tried to run with my money.

    My question is:
    If i funded the payment with my credit card, and providing i win the dispute- will the funds return back to my credit card or will it return to my paypal balance? (meaning i will have to wait until the 180 day limit before im able to withdraw)

    Thank you very much everyone.

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    kahn Guest


    If you win the dispute the funds will go back in to your paypal account and you'll have to wait the 180 days for your money. If you lose the dispute you can always file a chargeback and still get your money back if you didn't get what you paid for.


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