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Thread: Account limited and Claims????

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    rekoh13 Guest

    Default Account limited and Claims????

    Ok, last week we bought an iPad off ebay. The seller has sent it and it was received in perfect order, plus the funds cleared our chequing account.

    No problems....except a few days back we had an email saying our account is limited and they wanted my wife to fax bank statements, credit card statements and do a bunch or other steps.

    Didn't really think anything of it because PayPal said is was just to make sure our account was secure, although they didn't say why it was limited? Calling them was useless and we got a form response from PayPal.

    So today, I get an ebay from a seller telling me they are not going to ship (a $11 item) because PayPal has frozen the funds...

    So I email the guy who we got the iPad from to see if there was a problem with him, and he says YES!

    We are both going to call PayPal in the morning to find out what the hell is going on. The money is already gone from my account and he hasn't gotten it.

    How long can PayPal hold this for or should I go to the bank and let them know? It's $700 and I am worried after what I have read here.

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    fasttalon Guest

    Angry paypal is holding my money and will not release it

    first of all i despise paypal--this is nothing short of a
    nazi organization that uses gestapo policy to the fullest
    i am forced to use paypal (not my pal !!!)
    by ebay (who is paypal aka wolf in sheeps clothing)
    i have 3 ebay accounts--2 with 100% feedback
    and one with 99% feedback--i need an alternative means of payment as paypal rapes me for over 3% on every transaction --they even rape me for shipping charges--any suggestions
    PAYPAL REALLY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !:


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