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Thread: 100% positive feedback account suspended

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    Jeff Guest

    Default 100% positive feedback account suspended

    my problem is with ebay. I had 2 accounts with ebay - 1 personal (older), and 1 business in which I was small percentage partner. I merely helped setup the business account - I did not operate it or even live in the same state. The business downsized when the economy downsized. Employees did not properly handle the account (although it still had 98.5% positive feedback), and ebay suspended the account. A year later, they connected my personal account to the business account and suspended my 100% positive feedback personal account. When my wife tried to sell on ebay (100% feedback and she had previously sold items), they connected her account to mine and suspended her too. I escalated the problem to senior support and was promised I would be contacted by supervisor Brandon Franz, but never received the courtesy of a reply.

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    Carson Guest


    i used to be a buyer/seller on ebay i had a 100 percent rating ,then when i tried to go back and try to sell they told me my account was suspended because owed paypal 331.00. there is no way i owe those fees, i called them and all they tell me is to pay .they will not give me a reason for the fees or a summary nothing, they have to be the biggest scammers around.

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    Brooklynn Guest


    I was using ebay for over 10 years, using paypal for transactions. No problems of paying, 100% rating. Now I received this notification from paypal about 10000 limit, as many others. My guess - 10000 is arbitrary, as many people 'suddenly' reached this limit the same time. As well as their stupid explanations about some 'government regulations'. Paypal wants people to use their credit card to make more money on the transactions.
    Whatever paypal does, forcing people to provide the access to their personal accounts and subscribe to their credit card is not ethical and should be forbidden.
    Meanwhile I am closing paypal account , not having any intention to play their stupid games

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    Jerome Guest


    13 year "power seller PLUS" and amazingly, NOT one negative transaction! One day, I received an email from eBay stating that they are "uncomfortable" with my "business model," and am banned for life with no appeals process! Just like that, my primary source of income was eliminated and I was stuck with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise I couldn't list! Again, this is after 13 years of selling with NOT ONE BAD TRANSACTION!

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    Mr&Mrs Guest


    I have been on ebay from the year 2000 i have had no problems until this week i had 2 faulty items one one that did not turn up i made a complaint and then my account was limited also the sent my wife an email saying her account was limited too and they did not want to do buisnes with her any more because she lives at the same address she had made no complaints and paid for every thing she bougth and had 100% feedback so had i we phoned paypal who said its final and nothing would change the out come for us so we closed all 3 accounts we had with them and also both paypal accounts we now look over ebay to find what we want then phone or email the buyer and buy out side ebay with visa card never again will i be part of ebay again


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