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Thread: F*** Ebay ! - Excellent Clone Ebay Website !

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    cityboymlt Guest

    Default F*** Ebay ! - Excellent Clone Ebay Website !

    All you ex-ebayers out there, arey you bored with ebay's fees ? are you uncomfortable with their silly restrictions ? Can't you stand this nonsense anymore?

    Help us by joining our new clone ebay website, and let's show ebay we can beat the competition out there!


    you may sell/buy items. please give us chance the site has been running only a few weeks ago. thanks !

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    victim Guest

    Default forget about ebay and paypal here a real solution

    After so much days of crying and having the wort time ever thanks to paypal I am a powerseller but they hold 3,500 and still have not seen a penny.

    fortunately there is honest and good business out there.

    thank a look of what I found no fees free to sign up and get commission for all sales from all members worldwide.


    don't miss it start a new day!!


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