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Thread: 12 yers and now they "need" my SSN but won't say why

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    CodyAdams Guest

    Default 12 yers and now they "need" my SSN but won't say why

    After being a successful, loyal customer for over 12 years, Paypal has limited my account when I tried to get a replacement Paypal debit mastercard to replace my expired one. They are asking for pain in the ass personal information, bank statements and ssn card documents, and I feel violated and furious that they would do this to me. The card expired and I need a new one why all of the sudden does paypal need all my information. There was never a need for this when I got the first card. I have called and emailed them which has been nothing but a waste of my time. No one can tell me why they need this information now when it wasn't needed the first time around. Seriously WTF.

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    Bohannen Guest


    8 years with paypal and now I am a 'security risk" and they need to hold my funds for 21 days after a sale is made. They have also asked that I send them some documents to verify myself. All I have to say it I was OK for 8 years and now I am not I will take my business elsewhere. The customer service rep on the phone didn't seem to care about that, goes to show how "valued" we are

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    SolomonSun Guest


    I have been using PayPal for 10+ years, and I've always paid my invoices promptly without fail. Now, PayPal is asking for me to "verify" my account by either linking to my bank account or for me to apply for a credit card, which would require me to reveal my social security number and other personal information for credit check.
    This is after I have spent over $10,000 in PayPal transactions, and the credit cards have been "confirmed" thru PayPal, but now they're wanting more. I talked to an idiot "customer specialist", as well as a specialist in their limitations department, but they did not care, and would not make any exceptions.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Too much info

    I got the same thing. After making a few purchases in a row on EBAY I would get message from PayPal use another card this one is suspended... once I contacted them they asked me for Bank info, Passport, SIN (same as SSN)... on and on... I thougth wth no way do I give that up just to make a Credit Card purchase. They then sent me app for Paypal I thought well OK I guess I'll have to join (since they have me by the short hairs) but I was still rejected as having a suspended credit card. Then they said its my Bank.. my Bank says NO Way! After month I tried to see if suspension was lifted and nope. So no more EBAY shopping !

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    Fast forward till now. They still ask for SSN for IRS purposes. Without that information, you cannot use the account anymore.

    They will ask once you hit 200 transactions or 20k total, whichever comes first.

    There has been instances where some people called them to provide alternatives such as a EIN or passport. Normally, it always ends up where PayPal still requests the SSN.


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