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Thread: Ebays for sale!

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    RenaissanceMan Guest


    This guy is a scammer stay away

    dont buy from him

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    RenaissanceMan Guest


    I constantly emailed this guy after i paid for my account and i received no reponse

    then i set up a false email account and emailed him about prices and he emailed me back very quickly!!! What a scammer!!!

    He tried to get me to buy his accounts that he doesnt even own they're probably stolen if he does have them. But most likely he doesnt...most likely just shows you any type of account that he can find thats pre 2007!!!!!

    He's going to try to scam you watch out!!!

    He also hates chinese people so if you're chinese you better not order from him he'll definitely take your money

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    huoronghui Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by RenaissanceMan View Post
    This guy is a fucking scammer.

    He scammed me out of 109 dollars.

    I have told you, why do not listen to me.

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    RenaissanceMan Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by huoronghui View Post
    I have told you, why do not listen to me.
    The mods at paypalsucks delayed your post so I didn't see it. I was already scammed by the time your post came up.

    [email]STARQUEST52@YAHOO.COM[/email] A SCAMMER

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    hanzi66 Guest


    i want to buy,would you mind to add my skype?
    my skype is xiaofeng1987m


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