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Thread: eBay suspension

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    Unregistered Guest


    My account has been frozen from sale on Ebay called and was released same day. First time seller heart attack, since they would hold for 21 days i think. I am always in fear of them freezing it again like being stalked scary. I sell on ebay double heart attack. When I first started on ebay it was great lots of fun now I find myself checking them and PP accounts to see if I am next. Poor business practices. Hope to find better elsewhere and stop waiting for it to be my turn again.

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    Unregistered Guest


    Ebay suspended my account due to low seller rating. I was away on holiday and came back to a blocked account.

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    Unregistered Guest


    my complaint is ebay, I have over 8600 listings and 6 people listing and they found 1 item as a duplicate and ebay suspends my account for 7 days? That is very unreasonable I find

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    fritz Guest


    Like everyone else; ebay suspends me for no reason. Claims that they decided i cant use there services with no reason as to way except for saftey of others.i have 10 grand in my paypal account that has been frozen for 5 monthes and they tell me i must wait 6 months

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    rick t Guest


    Ebay closed my account, because they felt I was doing fraud actives, which I wasn't. I recently got a contract job that requires me to have a paypal account. They will not give it back. Not sure what to do next

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    hassan Guest


    My. Experience is very bed all the way down.They were holding my funds many times.
    Buyers were open cases many times against me and they were winning as PayPal never believes sellers.finaly ebay closed my account without any good reason

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    DaisyDay Guest


    Legitimate crafter, make most of my income on ebay, and have been suspended. Please help. Need to be able to open a new account, or something to be able to list again.

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    tango Guest


    Ebay suspended my account because i asked for higher selling limits and while only selling 2 items per month

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    Nelly Guest


    My eBay was suspended because 3 people left negative feedback in a row. After 8 months, and 120 positive feedback later, they still haven't unlimit my account. They also permanently blocked my PayPal account.

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    suzann Guest


    More of an eBay problem, they restricted me with no opportunity for appeal based on a claim that my paypal account is connected to, get this, 80 ebay accounts! Of course this is not the case, and PayPal themselves says the same, however they wont go on record to eBay and help me get my account reactivated.


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