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Thread: eBay suspension

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    Magtheridonnna Guest


    ebay experience--ebay linked my account to another account that I have nothing to do with which had a violation. ebay has removed my selling ability for an indetermined length of time both does agree that there is no link between my acount and the other account. Simply amazing!

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    Bryan Guest


    Ebay shut me down, no explanation, no evidence, indefinitely. Brutal. Cut off a legit source of income for my family. What to do now???

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    Wez Guest


    Sold authentic items to ten buyers, only ONE had a problem. Made a non-receipt claim the same day of purchase! Got my account limited almost instantly. And because my paypal was linked to my ebay, my ebay account was then suspended.

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    Boss Guest


    Ebay account suspended for "too many refunds" as i was returning items i did not want and now paypal account is limited due to "duplicate refunds". Ridiculous I DL the ebook from this site, hope it helps

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    Arown Guest


    Very bad ebay paypal experience they keep closing my account for no reason what so ever except "for ebay community safety" same rubbish everytime! I have 100% positive feedback no problems with buyers... But ust because i suddenly sell alot in 1 month or some other random reason they find some way to close the account and their worst reasons are "to prevent future bad experience fut buyers"?? How stupid is that?? They startin to predict the future now!!

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    Cox Guest


    I inadvertently violated the ebay policy on keywords... it was force of habit, nothing else. I have no been informed that one more violation will get me kicked off of Ebay. This is an extreme action on ebay's part... I can see that they want to protect bidder searches, but they should warn sellers of the extreme penalty with the 1st violation notice, instead of waiting until the penultimate notice. One might even wonder if Ebay is not trying to find the slightest pretext to get rid of sellers! After 10 years and nearly 800 positive transactions, Ebay will just as soon wipe me out. This is a very poor business decision on their part and breeds resentment generally.

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    Bruno Guest


    basically i was a well know ebay seller and i used to have good feedback but then because i sold something for someone else and the buyer charged back and was refunded my account was limited with money in and i cant sell on ebay, anything i can do ?

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    Unregistered Guest


    Account suspended even though I have perfect feedback and rating of 99% no one can seem to explain why, ebay was making plenty of money on me so this just makes no sense at all.

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    Lana Guest


    Account suspended by ebay for 1 negative feedback. Husband opened an ebay account and now his has been suspended because he is married to me! I am now assuming that should we wish to continue ebaying our only option is divorce - now I will find out exactly how much my husband loves me - more than ebay I hope!

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    GiniAnn356654 Guest


    Got blocked from eBay because I opened disputes as a buyer because I received poor quality items ... Had been a power seller for years and was told I was not good for the community


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