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Thread: eBay suspension

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default eBay suspension

    I got an email today saying not only was my account suspended, but also any negative or neutral feedback I have left in the past year PLUS any star rating that wasn't 5 was going to be deleted from the seller's history.


    Because in the past 3 months I have had 4 Buyer Protection Claims (out of a literal 67 purchases made in that timeframe, which brought my grand total to 5 claims between now and 2002 when I joined eBay!).

    2 items I purchased were just flat out never sent to me, and 2 other items were absolutely counterfeit. Because I didn't just let people steal my money and got refunds, I'm being punished and these sellers are getting away with it scott free!

    Way to keep those seller ratings up, eBay!

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    Prez Guest


    So you can't really trust ratings that you see on ebay because ebay can clearly alter ratings and there are so many fake accounts or people that sell dollar items to their friends and family just to get better feedback score.

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    Unregistered Guest


    Sold items on ebay, 100 percent feedback, used ebay to buy postage and print shipping labels, customers paid, ebay takes commission, paypal gets paid, the money is sitting in my account not released. And I have moved thousands of dollars through paypal so you would think a good customer, take care of them. Not the case. Instead I don['t have the money buy the buyer had the item. Something is very wrong with that picture

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    GinaTriko Guest


    Ebay suspending my account after I sold my authentic bag to a buyer. After 40 days buyer opens case and claims bag is fake after she used it up. The biggest parts is that she returned a fake bag of different leather and still gets full refund. I need to know how to avoid these in the future and get new accounts

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    Charlie Guest


    paypal has taken at will whatever it pleases from my account. I have no recourse when buyers open a case right wrong relevant doesn't matter as the seller i have had to pay every time. e bay has suspended my account when i went to hospital for seizures in November please help

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    Midella Guest


    why is it that my ebay account got suspended for selling "prohibited products in violation of their user agreement" when i can find 20+ sellers selling the exact thing as me on ebay without getting suspended? When I brought this to ebays attention they said that they were focused on my case and that my product is not tolerated for sale on ebay.

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    Ossy Guest


    just got suspended from ebay last night, have 3 orders I was getting ready to ship and now I don't know if I should. I have a feeling paypal is just going to refund the buyers anyway. what to do?

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    BoxInTheWoods Guest


    paypal just closed my account with no warning although i had a shop on ebay.would not give me a reason why and then closed my ebay account.i still have 400 in my paypal account and they have just frozen it. Pissed me off!

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default ebay is a RIPP OFF

    I just got suspended because I had left negative feedback for my purchases! These sellers hide behind the" return it for a full refund" policy. But wait, why should I pay for return shipping when the item is clearly damaged before shipping and not disclosed. CAUTION! if you leave negative feedback you will get bumped off! For Good- Something wrong with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I now sell on etsy and it is cheeper!

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    WoW Guest


    Paypal and Ebay account randomly suspended for no reason. Oh, sorry, for activity on my account...Yeah, i was selling items and making money. I have over $750 held in my paypal account...


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