My account has been limited since December 2009. I had only just opened the account and received a payment of 300 euros when a fraudulent purchase occurred within days. I complained literally within hours of the fraud appearing. The account then became locked. I changed the password as requested. I sent proof of my address. I changed my security details. Still no unlocking. I complained again and was told they never received proof of address. Sent that again. Still locked. Complained again and told I need to send more information (though they fail to say what) and to change my password. However the resolution panel keeps telling me I have already done that and won't let me do it again. Sent another complain. No reply.

I am really being given the run around. The worst part about it is that the 300 euros was a mistake and should have been paid via an agency. It has to be paid back to the sender! So for 6 months I have been unable to return this money to the sender!

I really should have known better than to have opened a PayPal account as they cause so much hassle. I had one in another country before emigrating and that also was locked a couple of times for quite lengthy periods. I remember that on one occasion it was locked because of what they described as suspected access though I never saw any fraudulent transaction appear.

To cut this long story short: how can I put a stop to the run around they are giving me now I've provided all the information, and get my money?

Do they have a postal address for their operation in Slovenia? They might be a multi-national giant but their ways are like that of the con artists themselves.