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Thread: Liar liar paypal rep on fire

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    Ariel Guest

    Default Liar liar paypal rep on fire

    I caught paypal customer "service" rep lying to me today about being in Omaha Neb (she couldn't tell me how many people live in Omaha or what the current weather was) it was finally confirmed she was in fact in the Philipines Paypal's staff a patronizing and are only able to deal with scripted issues. Where is the competition? Why has ebaybeen allowed to monopolize the payment process Paypal sucks and any alternative would be better.

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    Earl09 Guest


    I am pretty sure I had a paypal rep from the Philippines, who really pissed me off and I do admit I did use some foul language, either use or sell my cc information because all of the sudden 2 days later my bank calls me asking if I have authorized these purchases in the Philippines which of course I had not!! Your information is not safe in the hands of paypal!!

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    Kim57 Guest


    2 weeks ago I requested to transfer $400 from my paypal account o my bank account. 4 days later I still didn't have the funds in my bank account so I called Paypal and they said there was some kind of Security Review that had to be done and my funds would be in my bank account in 72 hours (3 days). 3 days later I still have no money in my bank account so I call them again, go through all the prompts again, tell my story again, and get promised that my finds will be available in 72 hours again.
    I still don't have my fucking money and I don't know how many times I have been promised that the money will be in my account. It is total bull shit.

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    Pernilla Guest


    buyer files INR dispute
    I call paypal stating I got tracking number and signature showing it was delivered
    Paypal says Don't worry you are covered and got proof
    Paypal reverses transaction back to buyer
    Buyer got money back and kept item.

    Anyone that uses paypay should be very worried. Nothing they say to you on the phone is true and they will take your money.

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    d_amber Guest


    I had the same encounter with their rep and he has promised me a lot of things in a short span of time. The result is 0.


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