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Thread: NEED HELP/ADVICE: Scammed by Customer, paypal denied 5 separate appeals to case

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    Default NEED HELP/ADVICE: Scammed by Customer, paypal denied 5 separate appeals to case

    The name of the customer has been removed, as well as 1 number in tracking if someone was to reverse lookup in some way. I want to insure, that for now, the scammer customer's name is not revealed because he may still do the right thing.

    Complete explanation of the issues with CUSTOMER JD

    On September 6th, JD purchased a pair of fenders from us – for his coupe. Unfortunately, in the process of shipping his original shipment using parcel post (fenders are too big to go by Fedex for the cost of the shipment he chose), he received the shipment on September 18th (Signature Confirmation ID is 94349102008834884417XX signature delivery).

    On September 18th, JD discovered that his parts were incorrect and requested that we overnight him the parts that he needed. That is not something we agreed to. We stated that in order for us to ship him the exchanged correct fender (only 1 was incorrect) that we would cross ship him the correct part.

    We provided JD a return label for the incorrect fender Tracking Company: USPS
    Tracking Number: 94055102008822996873XX Delivery Status: Delivered in Concord, CA on Sept 27, 2012

    At the same time, we shipped him a new fender: Delivery Confirmation ID is 4200683094055102008814947045XX that was received by JD on September 22nd. So JD was dishonest in telling us he had shipped back his fender while we shipped his. He actually shipped his incorrect fender to us 5 days after he received our corrected shipment. He waited for us to deliver our fender to him, then sent back the exchange fender, even though we agreed on the phone that he would ship immediately.

    At this point, JD filed a dispute and sent us an email telling us he was no longer going to communicate with us directly. His dispute was for a credit of $146, for a part that he decided to purchase from another source and He demanded that we offer him $146+ credit for a missing part that our factory had already shipped on the 28th. The problem is that on this date, we shipped him the corrected part! Furthermore, paypal has locked up ALL the funds on the transaction, a full $461.XX - so instead of allowing us to refund only the $146, he got the full amount back.

    EE6419339XXTW Express Mail International® Delivered October 01, 2012, 5:02 pm GREENWICH, CT 06830 Proof of Delivery

    The details of this are shown below directly from the [url][/url] web site. As of today, JD has ALL the parts he claims are “not as described” and has all the parts he ordered.

    He is using our own return tracking number as some sort of proof that he returned the parts. That is absolutely inaccurate.

    On October 2nd, we received a notification that he sent back the factory part shipped from the EE641xxxxxxxTW number. We refused this part because a) our $461 was still not refunded and b) our "supervisor" from paypal never said we should or shouldn't accept partial returns. That same day however, we took photos of the attempted return prior to refusal, and took those photos AND proof that he did not receive all the parts to the local police.

    The Police wrote up a report stating that he did not return ALL the parts (they didn't make a determination of who owed whom any money) but they simply stated what they saw as a return, marking only that the parts owed were X and we received Y.

    Paypal refused to accept this proof although it was faxed and pictures of the file were sent to them at [email][/email].


    What has transpired is 5 separate appeals denied. 6+ hours on the phone with first level merchant support and 2 separate supervisors (both of whom were polite but both of whom were ultimately unable to help --- shane and BJ), and a loss of $461. I have spoken to Matt, Erin, and a whole host of other reps including having a copy of every email sent to me declining the account appeal.

    We have requested at least to have MOST of the money back and allow the INITIAL $146 refund (just to get SOME money back) that was also declined.

    We need some assistance and need to know if there are any other steps besides suing either paypal or the customer (as that is a bad precedent we don't want to set). The next step needs to be as the FINAL appeal has been denied today (attorney general, BBB, internet fraud, etc.)

    Any advice appreciated.

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    Other then the buyer "doing the right thing" I don't think you have much of a chance. My only advice is to not use paypal again because these things will happen again. There are too many buyers that have figured out how to "save their cake and eat it too" and paypal does nothing to stop them. If a buyer wants to get something for nothing then paying with paypal is the way to go. It's not safe for sellers to use paypal. I am sorry that I have no real answer for you what you can do to get your money back but I don't think there is one.


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