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Thread: 12500 on hold and can't sell on eBay

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    Default 12500 on hold and can't sell on eBay

    Me and my partner trade on eBay and OF course we have to use paypal. Holding of money happens not once or twice. But this time is over the limit.
    We sold a machine for $10500. It took 10 days longer with the shipping but we updated the buyer everyday and we always kept in touch with him. He seems nice guy never said anything.
    Day after he received the machine we send delivery conformation to paypal because they were holding the money. Next day which is today paypal send us a message that they are closing down the account and they are holding the money for 180 days.(it`s like $12500).
    We called them to ask why the response was "Tell your attorney to send us a form for releasing the information" and "We DON`T like your business model". So basically we cant use ebay because of paypal closed our account.

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    Stella Guest


    You can get a merchant account with a payment gateway that is ebay compatible and still sell on eBay without having to use paypal. You do not need to have paypal to sell on Ebay. ebay will not tell you this since they are the proud owners of PayPal but if you search for payment preferences in you'll see.

    When paypal placed $800 of my money on hold for 6 months and I called to complain the rep told me to look at it as a savings account. I could have strangled him right through the phone. If I wanted a savings account I would open one not wait for someone to take my money hostage.


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