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    my first account was permanently limited because my credit card account billing address is not same as my account address. I have this card from my home country before i was migrated to canada, then they Banned me just because of that.
    My second account i put my bank account, address and profile all Matched with 1 address but soon as i made 1000$ within 3 weeks selling women fashion on Ebay suddenly PayPal customer service called me and told me that they just Banned my account because my first account was permanently limited. I lived by selling women fashion on Ebay but since this happen, now my store are closed and i still be billed 50$/mo by Ebay for my store. Huuufff i am frustrated for 2 weeks and desperately dont know what to do
    Why do Ebay still bill i cant use them since I no longer have paypal?

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    Paypal will only allow you to have one account and if they ban that they don't allow you to open a new one.
    If your store is closed then you should not be paying anything so be sure to close the bank account that they are taking money out of so they can't continue doing that.


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