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Thread: Ebay screws up my account then wants their fee's

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    sugarlandexpress Guest

    Question Ebay screws up my account then wants their fee's

    I had been a PS & TRS for a few years (big deal right) with my account always in good standing. Then all that changed overnight as I saw my seller ratings drop every Sunday for no reason ( I was doing Free Shipping, & would even loose ratings on that). I called Ebay countless times & they did actually acknowledge a few times that there was a glitch.......but still did nothing to fix it! I lost my PS & TRS & was running to stand still on the eBay platform.
    Then they wanted their well deserved fee's for doing such an outstanding job.......hence my account is now suspended, go figure:eek

    I there anything I can do? Obviously I am not going to pay into something that isn't working.....

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    Sissy James Guest


    What fees are they trying to collect exactly? First off I would hope that they error has been resolved. You need to climb up the metaphorical food chain and get some bigwig to credit your account. I would send a formal notice that you intend to close your account – (which ironically you can’t do if it’s suspended) and notify they media if they do not cooperate. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. You can also look for other places to do business. Personally, I chose not to leave ebay because that’s where the lion’s share of my business takes place; however, I did replace them with a merchant account and gateway.

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    While it’s true that the squeaky wheel gets the oil, paypal knows their rights and they don’t care. They know that you will not be able to close your account; they know that they have rights to debit your account for their “fees” and they know that you – as a seller – are at their mercy for creating additional income. Unfortunately the soundest decision you can make at this point is to pay the fees. My husband and I were duped my paypal as well. We “owed” them over $250 at one point. We had to pay the balance because the funds being lost from not being able to process easily tripled the balance due. After we paid them we did some hardcore investigation for alternatives. We found a place that setup a merchant account, gateway, shopping cart and even referred us to a partner who sets up webstore. Little by little we moved away from prey-pal, and I have to say it was the best choice we could have made. Good luck.

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