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Thread: Customer Service telling me to "Fix the Problem Myself"

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    elimcfly88 Guest

    Default Customer Service telling me to "Fix the Problem Myself"

    I started to recieve four calls from Paypal one day saying I was in the negative balance, which to me never happened. It turns out the guy that bought an item from me on ebay and then recieved it and gave me good feedback, used his mom's credit card and his mom had it charged back. $17+5 Shipping, So $22.00 was the final total.

    I went to then check on my paypal account, to see I was out of the $22.00, then an additional $20 charge for the chargeback. Paypal had already closed the problem, I called Paypal and got through to an actual person who told me that Paypal gets charged $200 for a Chargeback through the credit card company and paypal is nice enough to only charge 10% of that to the user. I asked him what are my options, and he told me to file mail fraud and take care of it myself because paypal couldnt fight it.

    I later, finally got my bank to fight paypal over the charges and won. But I've lost my Item and Shipping Costs, and since Paypal didn't help fight the Charge, I would of been out of nearly $60 over a $22 Transaction.


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    winnerforlife Guest


    when someone files a chargeback paypal will NOT fight for you. It says so right in their user agreement
    "If a sender of a payment files a Chargeback, the credit card issuer, not PayPal, will determine who wins the Chargeback."

    So don't believe the lies they put on their website about protecting you in case of a chargeback because that is nothing but lies.

    And I do not believe what you were told that paypal had to pay $200 per chargeback to the credit card companies. That is a bunch if bull. Like paypal would eat a $180 charge everytime a chargeback is filed?! Not happening.

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    Unregistered Guest


    The best way to "fix the problem" is to never use paypal again. You keep using them and things like this will happen again and paypal will not help you.
    It's not like paypal is the only option they just happened to be the most well known one which doesn't make them the best a long short.

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    elimcfly88 Guest


    Once my account was settled to $0.00 again, I notified my bank of the PayPal charge and closed my PayPal account immediately. As of about a week ago, I've stopped receiving calls from the collection agency and PayPal.

    It's terrible to eat a $60 charge off of a $22 transaction.

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    Brian Guest


    did you ever get your item back? Paypal is absolutely horrible and refuses any kind of help or assistance when you need them. Buyers have figured out how to abuse paypals system and sellers are losing a lot of money because of it while paypal stands by watching and doing nothing. Calling their customer service is nothing but a waste of time. I am a grown man and does not need to be lectured like some child by an indian named James telling me I should have read the user agreement. Fuck that

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    markyz Guest

    Angry customers always right!

    2x40 minute calls to ''customer service'' and im rocking back and forth dribbling.........yet another 72 house freeze on my withdraws.......faster payment? ha


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