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Thread: First Paypal then ebay suspension.

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    55BlueStar Guest

    Default First Paypal then ebay suspension.

    I am an ebay store owner who has 100% positive feedback from my customers and had no negative comment however Paypal decided to cancel my account after I was asked to give private information without a reason. Within 1 day of asking for this information Paypal sent me an email stating my appeal had been denied and that the wished to part ways.
    On this information my ebay account has also been suspended and my Paypal $ is being held for 180 days!
    When asking a Paypal representative why this had happened, they refused to give me any information and said I needed a court subpoena if I wanted any information.
    I think it is absolutely disgusting that a big company like Paypal treats so many people like this just because they can!

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    Gobi105 Guest


    Paypal and eBay does this all the time and I can't figure out why. I mean as long as they are letting you sell and buy they are making money of the fees they collect so it is not very logical who they keep shutting people down and not even giving them a reason. I guess they are using all that money they are holding for short term investments and to earn interest on but in the long run wouldn't they just make more money by letting people sell so they can keep collecting their (outrageous) fees?


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