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Thread: Horrible lack of customer support

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    Gavin2144 Guest


    By virtue of anyone who's previously encountered PP's support staff, it's relatively clear that the values and logic utilized within Indo culture simply do not lend to reason in having matters dispensed equitably. Unfortunately, the PayPal hierarchy relies on its customers to become frustrated by the above, causing most to simply abandon any hope of reconciliation. It's furthermore unfortunate that the hierarchy pep-talk only encourages its employees to have a generally nonchalant demeanor in dealing with complaints.

    The recording of telephone calls by both parties is highly recommended, however, under no circumstance should PP be notified of same, as the "support person" will attempt to terminate the call.

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    Ashton Guest


    Our account is frozen although never had any security problems, can not get a reason or answer for any inquiries we made. They demand that we provide them with an enourmous amount of personal information; passport, official ID copies (with a photo!), address evidence, etc.. We tried all available but still no replies or explanations as to why. People on the phone generally very rude. We don't know what to do now.

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    Unregistered Guest


    Fuckin paypal frozen my account due some unbeliveble policy.
    First they limited it, second asked documentation, third account suspend without appeal.
    Calling their customer care is the only headache.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Unlawful chargeback

    Dealing with an unlawful chargeback - taking paypal 30 days to decide whether they can be bothered to fight it! I have no sellers protection because it was a virtual payment - why am I suffering due to their lack of security!!

    PLUS disgusted by the lack of customer service!!


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    MickyMouse Guest


    i have my accounts closed for some time and when buying on ebay the other day all of a sudden my card wasnt working to make a tranaction. i have used my card hundred of times befor with no problem but all of a sudden their was a problem. i called pay pall and waited 40 min befor talking to someone and thought i had the problem resolved. the called once again and still no dice. i would just like to say fuck you pay pal.

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    Wissner Guest


    I have an account limitation due to adding too many credit cards and have spent 5 hours on hold for 4 days trying to get someone to answer phone. Nothing yet and am furious.

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    Unregistered Guest


    Yep, going on my 3rd day. I thought for sure after an hour I'd get through, but, nope, going on 3 hours, 30 minutes as we type . . . still just bad hold music and robo messages. It's crazy.

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    Oliver Guest


    My account for some reason is both verified but is limited. I can't send payments for anything. I've been asked to change my password over and over, and now they want photo ID. When I try to call them, they've kept me on hold for over an hour.

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    Unregistered Guest


    call for help, people were very rude. i had change my address recently already got things at my new address after package was sent to my old address they had put old address back and I comfirm this, they would not tell me how that happen all they did was say its my fault will try to pay other ways from now on


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